Thursday, July 05, 2007


Got an email today about an American flag being flown upside down below a Mexican flag. Wasn't sure if it was real -- so I checked it out and, according to, it's real. And the strangest thing isn't the pictures, but my reaction. I'm not sure how I feel about it. I recognize the right of free expression, especially when it comes to making political statements. I think symbolism rocks.

For example, I thought "Love-Spit-Love" was fascinating (it was, thank you Google, a "Live Nude Installation" -- naked bodies and the flag basically -- shown by artist Ronnie Cutrone at the Simon Watson Gallery in New York in 1991...I met Blondie there - it was awesome) .

I have no issue with people who burn the flag in protest. What greater peaceful statement of protest against the government is there? And yet this upside down thing kind of rubs me the wrong way. Not sure why. And maybe after I mull it over some more, the initial shock that it really happened wear off I (I mean seriously, how often do you get a real stories in a "forward this email to everyone you know" email?) .

But it struck me enough to stay up the few extra minutes (even though I'm exhausted - new job couldn't be better but the schedule will take some getting used to) and wonder if other people are dumbfounded as I and type this post. Wait. Dumbfounded? Ok, maybe perplexed? No, more like unsure. Yeah. Unsure.

Anyway - before I go lay down on my amazing new mattress (new job = Tempur-pedic), let me ask just one question. Do you think the ACLU would take the case if anyone gets in any real trouble for this? Should they? (OK, that was two questions. Sorry).