Thursday, March 26, 2009

Get a Brain! MorOns.

I want to throw up.

And I don't mean that in a metaphoric way. I mean, literally, sick to my stomach, want to throw up.

Why you ask? Because of this vile pack of bullshit: the Republicans' so-called Road to Recovery. Which is supposedly a response to Obama's calling them out for bitching about the budget without offering their own. Of course, this isn't a fucking budget. There's not one single fucking specific in the whole fucking thing -- other than the way they want to change the tax system. In fact, when asked for specifics about the alleged GOP budget that this ridiculous document supposedly "outlines", that waste of fucking air John Boehner actually said, "wait and see." Um, wait and see, what the fuck is this -- a magic show? And the scariest part is that the knuckle-dragging wingnut talking heads are already railing about how Obama was "wrong" TWO FUCKING DAYS AGO about the Republicans failing to offer their own budget based on the GOP issuing this useless and detail-free piece of rubbish TODAY. Talk about a waste of paper. And a load of bs.

Now mind you, I didn't read the whole fucking thing (
just couldn't get through it all without hurling) but you don't have to be a brain surgeon (but you do need to not be a "moran") to realize there are no budgetary details in here and that the whole fucking thing is just a bunch of wishy-washy ideas of what the GOP says they'll do that the Dems supposedly won't. And of course, their usual 'the Dems suck and they hate you' rhetoric.

My problem, however, is not that the GOP has taken issue with Obama's budget, or even that they only offer useless grandstanding in lieu of concrete solutions (
well, come to think of it, that pretty much pisses me off too, especially since they make utterly unsupported and hateful claims about the specifics of what the Dems have suggested, but that really isn't my point); my problem is in the tenor of their grandstanding and the way in which one must forget history to believe a single word of it.

Take, for example, their stance on 'health care reform', and I fucking quote (from page 8 if you must know) . . .
"Republicans seek to provide universal access to affordable health care and to address Medicare and Medicaid’s trillion dollar unfunded liabilities with common-sense reforms that ensure our children and grandchildren can secure benefits in the future."

Yes, that's exactly what it says, and no, I'm not fucking crazy.

So yeah, fucking excuse me? The GOP are supporters of universal health care now? The GOP wants to save Medicare and Medicaid? WHAT?!?! Isn't this the same party that has effectively stalled all prior attempts to work toward universal health care coverage? The leader of which actually vetoed expanding health care coverage for fucking children? The same party that gave us the totally fucked up Part D prescription plan for seniors which totally fucked the people it was supposed to protect at the expense of creating massive profits for HMOs (
and the drug cos, musn't forget BigPharma)? Have I lost my mind, is it the same fucking party? Oh yeah, it fucking is.

But wait, it gets better: "Republicans plan vigorous efforts to combat waste, fraud, and abuse in order to make traditional Medicare more efficient." Which would be totally fucking hilarious if it weren't so sickeningly hypocritical.

I could rail on about the continuing inaccuracies and ludicrous statements in this "plan," which I am sure is directed at average 'Muricans (you know, the "real" ones, like the dim-witted one in the picture), who continue to believe the GOP gives a shit about them even though it is plainly fucking obvious to the rest of us that they really really don't, but I'm sure others more eloquent than I will do that in the coming days. And weeks. And, let's be honest, months and possibly even years. So, rather than make myself even sicker than I already am, I'll leave you with this...

In addition to the as-yet-uncounted inaccuracies and outright bullshit in this fucking waste of dead trees, the GOP does provide us with one little detail: a massive tax cut for the rich which would, in the words of the HuffPost, "facilitat[e] a dramatic transfer of wealth up the economic scale." And which would result in the lowest tax rates for the rich since the 20s; lower even, then under the GOP golden child, Reagan. (and they dare call us socialists?). In other words, the same old trickle-down bullshit that has never worked before. God I fucking hate them.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another baby step...and stumble

First, New Jersey talks about legalizing "medical marijuana."

And now, U.S. Atty Eric Holder says that the feds WILL NOT PROSECUTE local medical marijuana clinics that are operating legally under state law. Until now (thanks to that fucking alcoholic son-of-a-bitch Bush), clinics like this could be raided and the operators arrested and prosecuted under federal drug laws. We're talking major fucking time here, without any consideration for the fact that these clinics are legal (under state law) and are a providing a necessary service to fucking sick people.

Of course, the DEA has already decided it could give a shit what Mr. Holder has to say. Even though the DEA is part of the DOJ and therefore under the command of Mr. Holder. I guess either the DEA is saying fuck you to its boss and the Obama administration altogether, or someone just didn't get the memo.

Now granted, this could just be the end of an investigation that was allowed to run the course despite the policy shift. And it could be that a week simply isn't enough time to put such a new policy into place. And maybe the DOJ won't prosecute anyone so in the end it won't be a big deal (except for all the sweet sweet maryjane that the feds seized). And maybe even the DEA will get a public dressing down. But regardless, why the fuck would anyone want to keep useful medicine from fucking sick people? What the fuck is wrong with the DEA. I mean really? How fucking masochistic is it to say, fuck you cancer patients, I don't give a fuck if the mj restores your appetite which allows you to eat which gives you strength to withstand chemo which might keep you alive. You can't have it because I fucking said so. Go eat a peach pit, bitch.

Not to mention that its not like its hard to go after a medical marijuana clinic -- they all operate in the open and are usually registered or licensed by the state in whic they operate. So, what? Am I supposed to be impressed by the DEA's investigative skills? What? Because a half-witted moron could find the goods on any given clinic in any given state. Makes you wonder what the fuck the DEA does with our money. And ask yourself, is this really the organization you want protecting you from Mexican drug lords? Which, by the way, would have less influence if marijuana was fucking legal in this fucking country. But I digress....the med-mj movement is nothing without federal cooperation which proponents finally thought they were achieving. So I ask you Mr. Holder, WTF?

Monday, March 16, 2009

Jersey Hapnins...

I just came back from a one week vacation (which was fucking awesome by the way and which I'll share in more detail another time) and found google reader had more than 700 entries for me to catch up on....more than 300 of which were from So, being the good google reader cleaner-upper that I am (for some reason, I just can't bring myself to simply erase the whole bunch and start fresh -- its a sickness really), I started there. And I was very quickly reminded once again that I live in one crazy ass mutha-fuckin state. And then I thought, hell, how can I not share the lunacy that is the great Garden State? So, for your reading pleasure, here's just some of the crazy shit that went on in Jersey over the past 7 days or so, all brought to you thanks to (oh, and to really appreciate the nutiness of this place, you just gotta read some of the comments -- there are a couple of wingnuts that try to make everything Obama's fault while at the same time completely misspelling every other word...simply priceless):

* Man sentenced to 8 years in prison for trying to steal about $120 worth of batteries. That's right, I said 8 fucking years. Now granted, the dude also kneed the store clerk in the groin a few times, and was a repeat offender, but COME. ON. 8 years? For $120? That's just nuts.

* Pedestrian was hit by a car while trying to cross the...nope, not the street...the fucking GARDEN STATE PARKWAY. As in highway, as in high speeds, as in, yo dumb ass, don't cross there, Garden State Parkway (
known affectionately, or hatefully as the case may be, round these parts as simply, the Parkway). Now, this particular part of the Parkway, where this fella tried to cross, is located behind my house. And I mean directly behind my house. I can see the spot from my kitchen window (at least in the winter when the trees are bare). And let me tell you, unless a serial killer is chasing you, there is no reason to be crossing the Parkway there -- NONE. Directly south of the guy would have been the toll booths (with real live toll collectors, not to mention the side parking area where they park). Behind him, the exit ramp from which he could have crossed OVER the Parkway. Not to mention that because of the tolls, the Parkway at this spot is about 20 lanes wide but just a few hundred feet north, it's only six. So crossing in this particular spot? You just gotta ask, crazy much?

* What do you get when you mix a ton of bars, a bad economy and St. Patty's Day? Massive arrests and fines being issued in Hoboken. Some craziness is expected on this highest holiday of Irishness (allegedly), but people puking off balconies onto the street below? Now that's just sick. And wrong.

* Shithole amusement park facing bankruptcy. This amusement park has been around forever. I remember going when I was a kid. Unfortunately, it looks pretty much like I remember, except dirtier because it has never really been upgraded in all that time; other than new rides being added of course - usually another roller coaster that you can't ride unless you wait in a 3 hour line or BUY the special ticket to cut in line. And yet every year this fucking place raises its prices on everything from entry to parking (
yeah, that's right - you have to pay to park in addition to the ridiculous entry fee) to the cost of a soda (hovering now, I believe at the $5 mark for a fucking soda). You'd have to be crazy to not understand why people aren't going there anymore.

* NJ property taxes increased by
only 3.7% this year, which is the lowest increase in about a decade. Yippee. Let's throw a fucking party. Oh wait, 3.7% is still a shit load of money when you start with some of the highest fucking taxes in the country. And yet these crazy ass politicians want a fucking pat on the back. First I'd like them to tell me, what exactly am I getting for my extra 3.7%. Oh yeah, right, fucking nothing.

* Jersey girl "misses her chance at stardom" when melee breaks out ANTM auditions (OK, technically this happened in NYC, but it involved at least one Jersey girl, so it made the cut). Seriously -- ANTM makes a call for women under 5'7" and total chaos ensues. WTF is that about? Seriously, ANTM's been around a while and this would appear to be the first time some crazy shit like this happened at an audition. Could it be that short wanna-be-model-girls are just feistier than their tall counterparts? Or is it simply that crazy-ass Tyra has placed such unrealistic hopes in these girls' heads that they didn't believe they'd actually have to WAIT IN LINE? Either way, that's still some crazy shit.

$100 on Giants to Win

From today's NJ Lawyer Daily Briefing:
"Democratic Senator Raymond Lesniak has announced his intention to sue the federal government to overturn a 17-year-old ban on sports betting, saying it would serve as another source of cash for New Jersey at a time when Atlantic City revenues are on a steep decline. The suit, to be filed within the next two weeks, would challenge the Professional and Amateur Sports Protection Act of 1992, which prevents all but four states from legalizing sports betting. Lesniak seeks to allow state-regulated sports betting in Atlantic City's casinos, at the state's three horseracing tracks and at off-track betting locations. He says that New Jersey could generate as much as $100 million annually for the state budget."

I never really understood why you could bet on horses but not on people. I mean really - its not like the horses are running all by themselves -- there are people involved. Can't wait to see what people have to say about this though -- I imagine the puritanical folks will come out of the woodwork on this one. Then again - the State is so broke, it might just pass through without too much argument.

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Random Shit I've Been Reading

Kidnapping and Bondage... In the Kid's Department. Seriously.

Marx and the 21st Century. Intriguing. May even have to read the Schumpeter book. (I know there's a dirty joke there somewhere...)

Prop 8 Arguments tomorrow (or I guess, really, later today). Streaming live! And since it's Cali, I don't even have to go to work early.

New favorite word: ecofascist. Love it. And well said, Ms. Barnett. Well said.

And speaking of fascists..."Think Progress has video of "Joe the Plumber" suggesting that some members of Congress ought to be shot." Hat tip to Right Wing Watch.

And if that weren't bad the GOP wants to pull rank they don't even have. While at the same time, flip-flopping on prior statements they have made. Well I say let 'em fucking filibuster. The President of the U.S.A. does not answer to the republican minority. Or the Dem majority for that matter. Some quotes from the flip-floppers here (hat tip to Right Wing Watch, again)

And on the same note....another nail on the head by RWW: "Phyllis Schlafly says that 'liberals tried to filibuster the confirmation of [Samuel] Alito' and that it set 'an example for Republicans to follow if President Barack Obama nominates a justice out of touch with the American people.' Does that mean Alito is out of touch with the American people?" Priceless.

Oh, and by the way, did you hear? Autism is not caused by vaccinations.

Too fun not to share.