Friday, November 18, 2005

New Places...

Today was a very political day. I spent the morning being shushed by a partner, and the better part of this afternoon web-sufing...or more specifically, blog-surfing, and even more specifically, left leaning political blog surfing. And what a blast I had. Well, not so much the shushing part, although he did explain himself and apologize afterwards, but the blogs. I was aware there were people out there just as pissed off as I was with the current state of this country (and blaming the mother-fucking-neo-con-corporation-loving-back-room-dealing-administration for the bulk of it), I just forgot how fun it can be to read any type of "media" that didn't totally piss me off. Let me rephrase -- the topics being discussed pissed me off -- and if you can't get pissed off about what the whole cheney-bush-rove etc. etc. bunch of dickheads is doing to this country then you have mental problems -- but the manner of discussion was refreshing. For soooooooooo long I've heard complaints from "conservatives" about "the liberal media" (the liberal media, the liberal media...fucking babys), but, call me a dumb-ass-jersey-girl-bitch (and except for the dumb-ass part I would take it as a compliment), but I don't seem to have access to the same liberal media as those cry-baby cons, so finding it online was a pleasure. And if you agree even one iota with anything I've said, you should check out some of my new Happy Places, and maybe you too can be happy like me. Even if its only until you see the "regular" news...and then you can be pissed off again. Aaaahhhh -- the circle of life.

Monday, November 14, 2005

Too busy to write anything particularly inspired myself, so here’s some inspired words from across the blogosphere for your reading pleasure….

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“Somebody....Please tell me...Why in God's name do we hold Mary Mapes and Dan Rather to a higher standard than the President of the United States?” (Thanks to This Is What I Think)

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“I already have a priest, and he doesn't work at Target, thank you.” (Thanks to AmericaBlog)

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“A child will sit and mope when they don't get their way. The religious right will send up an order to General Republican Jesus to take you out.” Thanks to Am I Patriotic)

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“Then there's her criticism of your Bridge to Nowhere. Doesn't she understand that the less than 50 residents of Gravina Island are special Americans.” (Thanks to Jesus’ General)

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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dirty Politics & the Curse of Bush

In both New Jersey and Virginia, the Republican candidates for governor were accused of playing dirty politics and using smear tactics to gain an advantage against their Democratic opponents. In both New Jersey and Virginia, the village idiot president took time from his vacation tough schedule to stump for the Republican candidates (early on in NJ, and on the eve of the election in VA). What did all this dirty politics and support from Washington get these Republican candidates in VA and NJ? Simply put, the combination of dirty politics and support from the president won each of these guys the opportunity to to congratulate their Democratic opponents when they were elected Governors of New Jersey and Virginia. Dare I say things are looking up?

Now all of this may not amount to an actual curse, but as a citizen of the US, I plan to respectfully ask Mr. President to go out stumping for some more of his fellow Republicans. Look at it this way -- in New York City, a hot bed of liberal ideology a.k.a. the heart of the blue states, the Republican Michael Bloomberg was re-elected (and won by more than 20 points)...and he neither played dirty, nor did he have Bush out stumping in the greatest city on earth. OK - Bloomberg spent a small fortune to buy win his re-election, and he did (at least previously) openly support the prez, but sometimes coincidences are more than just coincidences. In the words of Mr. Ollivander (HP ref for those of you not in the know), it is all "curious, very curious."

Monday, November 07, 2005

I know I just posted, but...

On a totally different note (didn't want to mix this with the politico-speak) -- since my sis with fiance and bambino were visiting from VA this weekend, DH & I took them into the City (the fiance had never been!). One of the highlights of the day was actually the last thing we did -- we went to the "Top of the Rock", which just "re-opened" last Tuesday (11/1/05). Even if you think you've seen it all, and been to every observation deck in the City, or are an otherwise jaded New Yorker (or New Jerseyan for that matter) this is an absolute must see and worth every penny of the $14 it costs to ride the elevator to the 70th floor (which is pretty cool all by itself cause of the glass ceiling - in other words, you can look up and see the elevator shaft above you!). The views are amazing and totally unobstructed thanks to the thick ass glass walls in place of the metal bars you usually see at observation deck type places. But I'd hurry if I were you - because as people start hearing about it the lines will get crazy; plus, according to the website - the $14 is only an introductory fee.

Politicians Are Dumb

Saturday night I was just relaxing on the couch, watching some TV, when a series of political ads for Doug Forrester came on and I had to wonder -- does anyone pay attention to which ads play when? Because if so, Doug Forrester is dumber than his biggest supporter (i.e. the prez). And if not, maybe he should. Here's why...the first ad was Forrester's wife telling us what a great man her husband is and how John Corzine is a big fat lying smear campaignist. I thought -- actually, said out loud to no one in particular --What the fuck? Your fucking husband started the smear campaign business -- what was Corzine supposed to do? Sit back and take it? At this point, my sister & her finace (visiting from VA -- where I hear they're having one hell of a smear campaign as well) looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I tried to explain how Forrester started the mud slinging a few days before, with an ad quoting Corzine's ex-wife, how the race had been pretty clean so far, and how Forrester had previously promised not to use the quote, but something was lost in translation. But then, un-fucking-belivably - Forrester's ex-Corzine-wife smear ad was the very next ad on. That's right - the very next ad! First, we got to hear about how Corzine is a son-of-a-bitch for smearing Forrester; and then, in the very next ad, we got to see Forrester's ad making a personal attack on Corzine that started the whole mess. Uh - duh - hullo? Anyone in the Forrester campaign paying attention out there? I may not be the most politically savvy chick out there, but even I know you do not follow up a "My husband is a great guy and the other guy is is playing dirty" ad with an ad in which the supposedly wonderful husband is playing dirty. That's just common sense. Then again, as pointed out by DH -- if the best person you can get to say you're a good guy is your wife, and the best person you can get to say the other guy is a dick is his ex-wife, then perhaps you've got bigger problems than an inability to pay attention to which of your ads are running when.