Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another baby step...and stumble

First, New Jersey talks about legalizing "medical marijuana."

And now, U.S. Atty Eric Holder says that the feds WILL NOT PROSECUTE local medical marijuana clinics that are operating legally under state law. Until now (thanks to that fucking alcoholic son-of-a-bitch Bush), clinics like this could be raided and the operators arrested and prosecuted under federal drug laws. We're talking major fucking time here, without any consideration for the fact that these clinics are legal (under state law) and are a providing a necessary service to fucking sick people.

Of course, the DEA has already decided it could give a shit what Mr. Holder has to say. Even though the DEA is part of the DOJ and therefore under the command of Mr. Holder. I guess either the DEA is saying fuck you to its boss and the Obama administration altogether, or someone just didn't get the memo.

Now granted, this could just be the end of an investigation that was allowed to run the course despite the policy shift. And it could be that a week simply isn't enough time to put such a new policy into place. And maybe the DOJ won't prosecute anyone so in the end it won't be a big deal (except for all the sweet sweet maryjane that the feds seized). And maybe even the DEA will get a public dressing down. But regardless, why the fuck would anyone want to keep useful medicine from fucking sick people? What the fuck is wrong with the DEA. I mean really? How fucking masochistic is it to say, fuck you cancer patients, I don't give a fuck if the mj restores your appetite which allows you to eat which gives you strength to withstand chemo which might keep you alive. You can't have it because I fucking said so. Go eat a peach pit, bitch.

Not to mention that its not like its hard to go after a medical marijuana clinic -- they all operate in the open and are usually registered or licensed by the state in whic they operate. So, what? Am I supposed to be impressed by the DEA's investigative skills? What? Because a half-witted moron could find the goods on any given clinic in any given state. Makes you wonder what the fuck the DEA does with our money. And ask yourself, is this really the organization you want protecting you from Mexican drug lords? Which, by the way, would have less influence if marijuana was fucking legal in this fucking country. But I digress....the med-mj movement is nothing without federal cooperation which proponents finally thought they were achieving. So I ask you Mr. Holder, WTF?

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~K said...

man like the government and the Feds don't have bigger fish to fry