Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Whoever said money doesn't buy happiness was probably already rich

In less than 24 hours, I'm off to London once again. And the beauty of this trip? My return date is OPEN. Yes, open, as in, we haven't decided yet when you'll be allowed to come home, now back to work you fucking grunt. Ok, that's not totally true -- I know I won't be there past August 7, but still. How they expect people to live like this is beyond me.

I for one have had enough. But unless I want to go from one horror show (a.k.a. big slave-driving law firm) to another, there ain't much out there these days. At least, there ain't much out there that pays enough for me to make my mortgage payment each month without having to take a second job just to get by. Which pretty much would defeat the purpose of leaving the shitty job I have now.

If only I had some money. . . I don't need much -- maybe just a few hundred grand or so (yes, that sounds like a lot, but in the scheme of things, its really nothing) -- ya know. . . enough to pay off the dreaded second mortgage, quit my life-sucking job and start my own business. The DH and I actually have an AMAZING business idea -- we've got the concept, the name, the approximate location (eastern shore of VA, baby!) and the know how. All we need now is the cash.

We'd sell our house but thanks to greedy fucking banker assholes who crashed the real estate market while lining their own already overstuffed wallets, its worth less than we owe on it. I don't have any rich relatives or know any venture capitalists and without some cash of our own, no bank will even consider giving us a loan no matter how fantastic of an idea we might have. And I don't care what anyone says, with few exceptions, the whole "American dream" of creating wealth from nothing doesn't mean shit anymore. The system is set up to keep the rich rich and everyone else just getting by.

And then we're fed a whole line of bullshit to keep us from rising up against this fucking nonsense....Unhappy with the status quo? It couldn't possibly be because you're broke or don't have the freedom to do what you want. Oh no -- because if you just did what you love, the money would follow, say some (of course, they don't tell you how you're supposed to eat and keep a roof over your head while waiting for the money to flow). Money doesn't buy happiness, say the others (as they drive around in their luxury SUVs wearing $1500 sunglasses on the way to their $20 million dollar homes). Maybe my little business idea would fail; maybe I'd hate it. But without the start up money, I'll never be able to even try.

So please, spare me the money doesn't buy happiness line of shit. The only people who really believe that are people who don't need money. Because I'll tell you fucking what -- if I suddenly had a million dollars, I'd be the happiest bitch on the fucking planet, I promise you that.


LSL said...

You are so fucking right on with this post. I'm sorry to hear about the open-ended business trip. wtf. Hang in there!

(Nice new template, tho!)

~Kenny said...

Actually a number of recent studies have shown wealthy people are healthier, experience less stress and in overall are much happier with their lives...so yeah its all bullshit

La Sauciere Folle (The Mad Sauce Chef) said...

I think this is a great blog, you are funny and clever.

Summer said...

You're preaching to the choir. Amen sister.