Tuesday, March 07, 2006


I just can't take the fucking Bush administration anymore. I can't take the unbelievable stupidity of so many Americans. I tried getting political (and even added some great political links to this blog), but that made my head hurt. So I tried avoidance, but the news is invasive and if you have to ever leave your house there is simply no way to avoid it. While trying to avoid the bullshit, I learned that a nation that has links to terrorism will control all the ports in my general vicinity, and we can't stop the deal because that might make us some enemies (WHAT!); and I learned we're doing deals with India even though India pretty much told us to go fuck ourselves when it came to the nuclear test ban treaty. I learned all this and yet I still try to avoid the news as much as I can - even "liberal news" (and I removed the political links too) -- because quite honestly it is not news to me that Bush or one of his cronies lied, again. It is not news to me that the radical Christian right is trying to destroy liberty for the majority of people in this country (that's right you sons-a-bitches, majority...you may have Jesus on your side but I have numbers on mine so back the fuck up). It's not fucking news. At least not to me. News would be a meteor landed on the white house and killed Cheney. News would be the people of America actually waking up to the un-fucking-believable hypocrisy and corruption that is running this nation. So, I avoid. But I can't escape. So once again I'm tossing around the idea of summoning up my Italian citizenship and making a run for the EU. By the way -- did you know that the EU, according to some Christians (so says the history channel or something like that) is the anti-Christ. Well fucking sign me up. Because unless a massive sea change washes across this country, and the average, middle to lower class working man who votes republican because his pastor told him to, all the while the Republicans are screwing the little guy, screwing working Americans, basically screwing everything and everyone that doesn't kowtow to the almighty Bush administration, until that guy starts thinking for himself, or at least starts listening to someone else, we are all fucking doomed. And don't even get me started on how the Dems will probably pick someone to run for pres who can't win (again). Like I said. Enough. No more politics for me. Tabloids here I come, because while it may be mindless, it won't make my head hurt.

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Anonymous said...

(a) I agree that Bush is bad for America
(b) Don't see what you mean about India. It's a deal to provide peaceful nuclear energy so that India can meet its electric energy needs. India has never proliferated nuclear weapons. Its good for America to be friends with India, rather than some rogue nations.