Thursday, February 23, 2006


I've been buried by work and life for a while and felt I really needed to post something, but I just couldn't really think of what to say. All I've done for the past couple of weeks is work and when I finally get home, watch some TV before crawling to bed to do it over. So, with nothing else going on, I figure, what the hell, talk about TV (not like it would be the first time or anything). But TV's been kinda sucking lately -- except for one or two shows. Now, I probably should not admit this, but I am a huge American Idol fan. Not so huge that I actually take the time to vote, but I love to watch. Granted, the earlier stages are probably the most fun (nothing like watching someone with no talent try to argue that they have talent), but I enjoy the good singers too. If you watch, then you know the top 12 girls sang on Tuesday and the top 12 boys sang last night. And of course, the "results" are tonight (I don't really care about the results because (1) I don't vote, and (2) I'm pretty sure they'll mention who lost on the news or some shit). Anyway -- I watched the girls and the boys and I just have to say, the girls had better get their shit together because although I thought they were good when I watched, I could barely remember a single performance after watching the boys. I still don't have a single favorite because whew.... a few of those boys were smokin'! I don't remember any of their names, but the guy who sang "Father Figure" -- shit, I'd let him be my daddy anytime. And I bet I ain't the only woman out there who thinks so. My guess is there were quite a few washing machines running last night, if you get my drift. ;) (sorry honey if you're reading this, but his performance was seriously-cuminyourpants-hot!)
Anyway -- until I manage to crawl out of the hole I've been living in, here's to seeing some more from him, and from a few of my other favorites. 'Til next time...

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