Thursday, April 05, 2007

Striking My Fancy Today . . .

  • Tim Gunn Has HAD IT! Funniest blog entry ever. At least if you're a Project Runway or Tim Gunn fan. OK - technically this is from yesterday, but whatever.

  • A little something from the students at NYU Law poking fun at the ridiculous hours most people in my profession are expected to work, especially in the early years. Although for the money you actually get paid to work at one of the sweatshop slave-driving firms, you can't really complain.

  • The Mets sweep the Cards in a three game series. At Busch Stadium. While the Cards were supposed to be officially celebrating their World Series win over the Mets last year. Lets Go Mets Go!!!

  • Fatties Majorly obese people have to use horse medical equipment in Rio. And that's just not fair says the Group for Salvaging Self-Esteem and Citizenship of the Obese. No joke. Call me a fatist or what. ever. but that just strikes me as funny. (technically, I don't think I can be called a fatist though because my hubby is what I lovingly refer to as a bear of a man. What can I say, skinny boys gross me out).

  • Peapod. Actually, it's been bringing me joy for several months now as it solved what was my life's biggest dilemma: LOVE to eat. HATE to food shop. (Of course SHOE shopping is something altogether different, but that is another story)

  • Crazy mad discounts and freebies at Vicky's!! Just in time for swim suit shopping.

  • Which reminds me (as if I could forget since it's the only thing keeping me going). . . only 8 Days til FLA and 26 til Jamaica.
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    LSL said...

    I used that first grocery service that came out, maybe or something, years ago. Everyone thought I was crazy, but it was awesome. The cute boys would come to my door with bags of food, put their little booties on, and then deliver everything RIGHT TO MY KITCHEN COUNTER. No tipping allowed. But you could have sex with the delivery boys.