Thursday, April 26, 2007

Vacay #1 -- Part #2

So I've told the tale of the horrendous hotel experience. If that was all that was wrong with the trip, I could block it out and still think I didn't throw my money away, but alas, that is not to be. There was much too much wrong with the trip to completely block it from my mind and pretend all was well. But before I go off into another soliloquy on the horror that was my Florida trip, a.k.a. Vacay #1, let me first tell you what was good about it, in no particular order:

1. I didn't have to go into the office for five whole days. (which is not to say I didn't have to work -- as I mentioned once before, briefly, I had to bring work with me).
2. The pool at the hotel was heated and on the western side of the hotel so it had sun until, well, until there was no more sun. . . unlike most other hotel pools which are on the ocean side and therefore have no sun after about 3:30PM.
3. Our flight to Florida was on time.
4. Our flight home was delayed which meant I didn't have to go to work for the fifth day (see #1).
5. Our friends took us out to dinner one night to
a restaurant on the beach. (of course my dinner, broiled mahi & steamed shrimp, was totally over cooked and nasty, and we didn't get a table -- but I'll get to that later)
6. We did not run into this totally crazy bitch we met last time we were there.
7. I got to wear both of my new bikinis (which I bought
online and still fit amazingly) and even managed to get a little color -- without burning.
8. The weather was really, really nice. Friday and Saturday were sunny with temps hovering around 82. Sunday and Monday were sunny with temps hovering around 72 - not quite beach weather but still nice. Granted, it rained like a mother fucker on Sunday night and was crappy Sunday morning, but we were in bed for most of it so who gives a shit.
9. We missed
the torrential downpour that was occurring back home.
10. I may have found my new summer drink -- a white russian, except using vanilla vodka instead of plain, and low fat milk instead of half & half. Yummy. Prolly would have been even better blended.
11. I got to go four whole days without shoes - OK, there was an occasional flip flop, but I hardly consider them "shoes."
12. Got to spend a bunch of time just hubby & me.
13. We got to see the new massive
Destination Daytona -- a sort of amusement park for the Harley riding bunch. Or, better yet, a Harley dealer on speed. There weren't any "rides" (if you weren't buying one to take home that is), but there was shopping and a hotel and a food court, and it was just toooo cool.
14. Did I mention I didn't have to go into the office?

OK. So I suppose that's about it. I'm really really trying to come up with some other good stuff, but I'm not coming up with anything and I don't want to blow a gasket over it. After all -- I've got to head out for Vacay #2 in a mere 5 days!! So -- oh, duh...

15. After Vacay #1, Vacay #2 is going to rock the fuckin' hiz-house!!!

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durban bud said...

You should post some photos of you showing off your bikini.