Tuesday, June 19, 2007

The Pennsylvania Experiment

Anyone who has read this blog (or at least my mini-profile) in the past knows I'm an Idol watcher. But since Idol is gone for now, my new guilty favorite is So You Think You Can Dance. Oh how I wish they'd had this show about 10 years ago -- I soooo would have auditioned, because yes, I think I can dance. Actually, I know I can dance. Although perhaps not as well as I could in my 20s.

And speaking of So You Think You Can Dance, watching last week I was mesmerized by one couple who did a contemporary piece (with amazing choreography by Mia Michaels) to Dancing by Elisa. I couldn't wait to find and download that song after hearing it. A cross between Alanis and Ani with a little something extra, Elisa is my new favorite singer. Plus, I've heard she's Italian, so that makes her even cooler. And while I haven't heard the whole album yet, I did download the whole thing this morning and plan on listening to it on my way to PA tonight.

Which brings me to my other new favorite - my new favorite weekend getaway. In Shohola, PA, just outside of Milford, where hubby & I just bought the cutest cabin. Sure it needs some work, and needs to be winterized (hello, it has zero insulation), but we paid so little for it I almost can't believe it. And it is walking distance to the lake (granted, I am not a lake person - they kind of scheeve me - but there's a beach for sunning and I only need enough water to keep from overheating so I can deal...plus, we're prolly gonna get a boat but that's another story). The plan is to use it for a year while fixing it up and then "flip" it, assuming the market hasn't totally tanked by then. In which case we'll turn it into a rental place - available for weekends or longer. For now, though, I will be spending the next couple of days and the next several weekends cleaning and doing small fix-it jobs while hubby gets started on the bigger projects - like insulating the place from the outside in. Luckily he knows a thing or two about construction so we can save some dough by him doing alot of the work. Of course we'll still need to hire an engineer or architect, but whatever. It's still my new favorite.

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