Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Its Bon Jovi Time AGAIN!

So after getting so ridiculously excited about Bon Jovi and having such an amazing time at the show last week, I figured, what the hell, and decided to go again. Plans are slightly different this time -- my seats suck ass, BUT my boss has box seats and INVITED US TO JOIN THEM! We were going to just try and sneak down, or just hang at the bar in the arena (the Prudential Center, brandy new in Newark, NJ, is awesome!), but now we might even get to hang in a box (or, rather, a "Suite" as they are being called). Plus - if that weren't enough -- DAUGHTRY is opening and I have loved him from the first minute I saw him on American Idol.

So excited I can barely contain myself. Don't even have time to get aggravated about stupid people I've had to deal with today. But that's another story for another time.

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Anonymous said...

OMG Was BJ not AWESOME!!! To bad you didnt get the balls to give your card sooner, we could have seen the whole show in the BOX!! So not like you! Either way it was another amazing night. AND he didnt do the whole time machine thing eiher, so I guess that was a myth. I hope Cary liked her shirt,I loved it myself.

Until this summer, thinking of you until we see you again Jon!!!!

5 days until the benefit. Hope all goes well. Sure it will with you as our leader.....