Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Countdown to Hilarity

What with health care reform helping the economy (Thank you Ms. Palin) and FDR discussing the stock market crash on TV in 1929 (Thank you Mr. Biden), the VP debate scheduled to happen in a couple of days could turn out to be the most entertaining of all debates, ever, anywhere. It could equally turn out to be disheartening (please oh please don't let Biden fuck this up) and sad (I'm no Palin fan, but even I don't want to see her completely embarrassed) but I'm gonna root for entertaining, cause in these fucked up times, I could use a good laugh.

Of course, this is all assuming Johnny boy and his crew don't come up with some lame excuse to keep Palin away. Which would really be a shame -- it might help Barry O, so I should probably hope for that to happen, but it won't be fun to watch without our little Alaskan beauty queen and her mixed talking points. Not to mention the potential for another Biden gaffe.

And really, isn't it about time politics were fun? ;)

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