Friday, September 19, 2008

People who live in glass houses...

Today we're going to hear all about how Obama is second on the list of senators who took campaign money from Fannie Mae and/or Freddie Mac. McCain (and his spin machine, aka FauxNews) will drill this into your head. They will make it sound as though Obama has been taking big PAC money, that he isn't as committed to a grass roots campaign as he says. But what McCain won't tell you is that the money Obama allegedly took from Fannie & Freddie is actually almost entirely from individual donors who happen to have been employed by one of those entities. Given Obama has more than 2.5 million individual donors, it's not surprising that some are employed at Fannie or Freddie. In other words, McCain won't tell you the truth about the donations because if he did, he'd have no mud to sling.

Oh, and one more thing MCain won't be telling you: he took money "from" Fannie & Freddie too. And lets not even get into where his current campaign money is coming from (lobbyists) and who it is that is driving his campaign (lobbyists - more than 160 of them on his campaign staff). Oh how I wish I had a few million dollars to blow so I could do some mudsliging of my own. Because while Obama may be above it (and rightfully so -- he's right that campaigns should be about the isues), I fucking am not. Besides, wouldn't you like to know what dirty little secrets big money like that could unearth?

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