Monday, October 27, 2008

First Black President

Last weekend I was campaigning for Obama in this lovely little Pennsylvania town. One of the people I met while going door-to-door was a kind elderly gentleman who told me, in no uncertain terms, that he was an Obama supporter through and through. He also told me not to bother knocking on his neighbors' door because while they were all registered life-long Dems, they were also all a bunch of, and I quote, "fucking racists." Being the good canvasser I am, I knocked on the neighbors' doors anyway and while not one of them said, outright, they wouldn't vote for Obama because of his race, all of them claimed to be "undecided" for reasons they could not articulate. WTF?? One bitch even shut the door right in my face without even answering the question of why she was undecided. Sorry, but if you're an undecided voter, I'm going to think you're a big fat fucking racist unless you can verbalize for me one policy-based reason why you are undecided. I'm not asking for the world here people, just one little reason, Hell, if you were smart you'd make some shit up so people like me don't think you're a big fat fucking racist. But, then again, if you were smart you wouldn't be a racist in the first place.

So anyway... to all those fucked up "undecided" (i.e. racist) voters out there, I give you David Allen Grier:

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