Friday, October 10, 2008

Giving Natural Blondes Everywhere a Bad Name

There are stupid lawsuits, and then there are really stupid lawsuits.

This one takes the cake: a woman sues L'Oreal because she (supposedly) accidentally died her hair brown while "touching up" her "naturally blonde hair." Puh-leeze. Natural blondes just aren't this dumb -- it's the fake-ass bottle blondes who give us all a bad name. Stupid bitch. I mean, seriously, COME. ON. What true blonde do you know needs to "touch up" her hair color with some cheap-ass-pharmacy-bought dye in a box? I've been blonde all my life and never once felt the need to do a "touch up" from a box/bottle. The sun is "touch up" enough for me; besides, which, I would never ever trust my hair (which is fucking gorgeous if I do say so myself) to a friend using something out of a box. Hel.lo. that's why god invested colorists. And besides, are this chick and her friend blind too? because one of them should have noticed that the shit they were putting on her hair was DARK. If you are too dumb to know that brown hair dye is dark and blonde hair dye is not, then you are too dumb to be dying your hair at home. And, don't even get me started on the claim that she can't get it back to her natural color. Fuckin' please. That has to be the biggest bunch of shit I've heard all damn day. I could dye my hair black today, and in a few weeks I could dye it right back to blonde. Granted, I couldn't do it with shit from CVS, but again, that's why god invested colorists.

But at least justice worked and the judge was smart enough to toss the case out. Judge Gilardi must be a natural.

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