Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Catching Up

I've spent the better part of the last two hours going back and reading my old posts (I'm really really bored at work) and I've come to realize one major thing -- I used to be way more funny and so much less serious. Seriously. I discovered that my earlier posts were actually about me, and not just my opinion on things happening to other people. Granted, I probably didn't need to go back through the old posts to know that, but still... I also realized that I've barely breathed a word about myself in 3 months and that is soooo not like me. Plus, its almost impossible to be funny when discussing politics or the goings on at the NJ Supreme Court or whateverthefuck. And I decided that I like my blog, and myself, better the other way. And so I started the fuck did this metamorphose happen? Where the fuck did I go? And you know what?

I blame Obama. That's right. Obama. The President. The man I campaigned for. The man I froze my ass off for in PA weekend after weekend to get elected. That guy.

Because of him I'm actually watching the stupid news and reading the paper and paying-the-fuck-attention. I'm so attuned to what's going on in the world that that I'm listening to NPR instead of Z100 when I get ready in the morning. That I've got more bookmarks for news sites then for celebrity gossip. That I actually watch cable news (sometimes anyway). It's gotten to the point that I don't have time to tell stupid stories about my useless days. Instead, I feel the need to rant about whatever crazy shit is going on in the world because well, if I don't, then all that shit runs around my head like the fucking Jersey devil all goddamn day and night and then I can't sleep. Oh, and because I've also stopped going out on school nights, I don't have the sleep inducing assistance of the nightly cocktail. And that just sux.

Times were so much simpler in the Bush era when I didn't watch anything more intellectual than So You Think You Can Dance. Back when I drank on school nights, didn't know who the fuck the secretary of agriculture was (it's Tom Vilsack now - why do I know that?), and changed so quickly from any mention of the news on TV that I'm surprised my remote could keep up. Back when I didn't get worked up about the wingnuts and the knuckledraggers and the mindless fuckheads on the far right because, well, I was fucking completely ignoring them. Those were sweet times. I didn't post anything about current events. Or court cases. Or the fucking price of tea in China. Instead, I just told silly stories about myself. I guess ignorance really is bliss. At least in the blogosphere.

And so, in the spirit of that bliss, I hereby am instituting a moratorium on this blog -- no more boring ass ranting about things that do not personally involve yours truly. In other words, nothing that isn't, to paraphrase the bitingly charming Tom & Lorenzo describing one of their friend's blog, straight from my own experience and my own point of view. Random political ranting...
I can do that on facebook. Here I will try to stay focused entirely on the happenings in my own life -- even thought its not as exciting perhaps as I would like it to be. Either way, I think it will be good for me. Too much caring about everyone & everything else makes 'stina an even duller girl.

So moratorium in place, here's a snapshot of what's been going on in my life....

HOUSE: same old same old. Same old house with the same old fucking sewer problem. Although I did finally get around to suing my piece-of-shit town for the damage caused thus far. I'm hoping that it'll settle soon because, let's be honest, I may be a litigator, but I don't actually want to have to go to court. That's no fun. I'd rather just get a check, hire a contractor, and wake up one morning with a new basement.

HOMEFRONT: all's quiet. no major upheavals. no changes in our parenting status. although we are probably going to adopt a kitten. so that should be fun.

WORK: Ahhh, something out of the ordinary. Here is where I go way past the same old same old routine. Indeed, major massive upheaval going on here. The details: last month, my office, which I freaking loved, fucking CLOSED. Well, not exactly closed -- more like morphed into a new firm which I was not invited to be a part of. Basically, my boss decided he would rather cut ties with his firm, start his own firm and continue doing the work he wants to do instead of stay with the firm, keep my office open, and tow the party line so to speak. Which is great for him, I guess. But not so fucking great for me, or the 3 others who were not asked to join the "new" firm of Fuck You & Piss Off LLP. Of course, after a very very long weekend of worrying whether I'd have a job come Monday or whether I'd be forced to move in with my mother, everything worked out for me in the end. If you call adding more than an hour to my daily commute with no extra money "working out." But at least I was given the option, I suppose, a sort of no brainer option -- get laid off with zero severance or transfer to the NYC office -- but an option nonetheless. And if I'm being honest, so far it actually hasn't been too bad. I forgot how much I love NYC (or any C for that matter). And as an added bonus -- drinking on school nights. Cause all my former colleagues are still here and after work cocktails always happen midweek. None of that bs Friday shit here.

And finally, just cause with all the talk of drinking I could use a cocktail, here's Google's reason to drink today: it's Worldwide Roma Nation Day. Go gypsies!

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