Thursday, September 15, 2005

9 Days Gone

Its been 9 days since my last post. And since that glorious day 9 days ago, I haven't had a moment of rest. . .

Beginning on Day 1, the overtime started. Multiple motions and memos had to get out to multiple partners and senior associates so that meant no rest for stina. Oh - and DH got sick...which meant a late night, after work trip to CVS for Nyquil and other goodies.

Beginning on Day 2, I apparently caught whatever DH had. Fun - now I've got overtime and sickness fighting over my seriously dwindling energy supply. Not to mention the $50 I had to spend to fill up my tank just so I could go work the overtime.

Day 3...still sick, still working overtime. Only this time I actually got to do my overtime from home. A sick day of sorts -- only I couldn't veg in front of the TV or sleep all day like DH gets to do -- he gets actual sick days. I remember what that was like. Sort of.

Day 4... no news. nothing's changed. Still sick, still working overtime. Actually, today its officially working weekends. Fuck.

Day 5...could it be a reprieve from my toil? A day of rest? NOPE! No rest for the wicked my's Sunday now and the Giant's are at home. It takes more than a little sickness and tiredness to keep me away from the stadium. So tailgating we went. A couple of Captain & Diet's later and I was feeling mighty fine. Of course I probably should have did some more work or slept a little extra, but fuck that. I don't have season tickets so I can stay home!

Day 6...back to the trenches. Only now, instead of overtime, I have "ICLE". A torturous little program invented by the New Jersey bar that is mandatory if you want to become or stay a lawyer in NJ. The class alone would be bad enough - but there's actually homework. Fucking homework. Didn't I do enough damn homework in law school? Apparently not. Supposedly this ICLE thing will make me a better lawyer, but since the topics have absolutely nothing to do with my practice area...I think the real purpose, like so many of the rules governing lawyers in NJ, is to scare people from the City away. Don't want 'dem City folk comin' in and stealin' our bidness. So after a fun day at the office, off I went to the totally useless, first of many, 3 hour ICLE sessions. Oh - and I got lost on the way thanks to the equally useless directions that came with my ICLE schedule.

Day 7...pretty much the same as Day 6...too much work, followed by another equally useless ICLE session. At least I didn't get lost this time.

Day started out looking like it would be pretty awesome. Work was starting to level off. I was starting to feel a little better. And, to top it all off, I was going to leave the office at a normal hour and go shopping!!! (of course it was shopping for suits, for work, but shopping is shopping, right?). Plus, DH was feeling better and was making dinner (have I mentioned he can cook his ass off?). Like I said, awesome! At least until I went outside after work to find I'd left my driver side car window cracked during the day's torrential rainstorms. Great. Wonderful. Shopping with a wet ass, how fun. Of course, I still went shopping. A wet ass wasn't about to keep me from Tahari suits at 75% off. But I wasn't happy about it.

Day 9 -- so here we are. Hard to believe its been 9 days. At least the rain has stopped. I'm still swamped, and still a little sick, but there's a light at the end of the tunnel. Of course I'll probably have to make up the time I've spent posting here, but what can ya do. I only hope it won't be another 9 days before I have the time to post again. After all, I still haven't even told my stories from Hawaii, and we've been home for 6 weeks! Hard to believe. It'll be xmas before ya know it. But at least I'll get some time off.

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TOS said...

A very good post that illustrates how we as a country work WAY too much. I hope you get a day off soon!