Tuesday, September 06, 2005

And again...

If you've been anywhere near a TV, radio or computer with internet access, then you know that there are massive unanswered questions about what the fuck happened with the Katrina response. Everyone is either pointing fingers at someone else or trying not to point any fingers at all. Well, everyone knows somebody fucked up...somebody in government. And having been a boss before, I know that when an employee fucks up, the boss is just as much to blame. Which means that Bush, whatever anybody says, is at least in part to blame here. He was in change. This happened on his watch. As a previous US president said, the buck stops with him. So you think maybe there wasn't a fuck up, that everyone did the best they could? OK - let's investigate. And who will be doing the investigating? Someone uninvolved? Unconnected to the debacle? NO, that might lead to real answers. The person who will be leading this investigation is none other than the person being blamed for the problem...Bush apparently will be investigating himself. Nice.

AND, if that wasn't enough...

Around the country, and even the world, people are being asked to make monetary donations to help the victims of Katrina. Do not head down there and actually lend a hand, they say, just give money. My question is, if I give money how do I know it will actually go to survivors? And the answer...thats right - you know -- I DON'T know my money will actually go to the surviviors. Because aside from perhaps the Red Cross, many of the charities seeking donations are recently created with no track record of any kind. That doesn't mean I won't donate, just that my donations will be in things people can actually use...water, food, clothing, schoool supplies, etc.

And speaking of shady charities, did you know that people seeking to make donations in support of the Katrina victims were pointed, by FEMA, to a "charity" run by none other than the pro-assasination, televangelist, allegedly reverend, Pat Robertson? Yeah - thats right - the same asshole who prayed for the death of Supreme Court Justices and the assasination of the Venezuelan president (who by the way was one of the first world leaders to offer aid for Katrina victims). FEMA though it a good idea for people to give Robertson their money so he could, well, no one is really sure what he intended to do with it. Of course, since this story broke (check out
Sploid) FEMA has changed its website (again, check out Sploid) to remove the referral, but still...what the fuck is wrong with our goddamned government?

I've got tons more I could say about this whole mess -- I was without a computer all weekend and just dying to wax poetic about any number of relevant issues, but as I am lucky enough to still have a job, I better get back to it.

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