Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Dirty Politics & the Curse of Bush

In both New Jersey and Virginia, the Republican candidates for governor were accused of playing dirty politics and using smear tactics to gain an advantage against their Democratic opponents. In both New Jersey and Virginia, the village idiot president took time from his vacation tough schedule to stump for the Republican candidates (early on in NJ, and on the eve of the election in VA). What did all this dirty politics and support from Washington get these Republican candidates in VA and NJ? Simply put, the combination of dirty politics and support from the president won each of these guys the opportunity to to congratulate their Democratic opponents when they were elected Governors of New Jersey and Virginia. Dare I say things are looking up?

Now all of this may not amount to an actual curse, but as a citizen of the US, I plan to respectfully ask Mr. President to go out stumping for some more of his fellow Republicans. Look at it this way -- in New York City, a hot bed of liberal ideology a.k.a. the heart of the blue states, the Republican Michael Bloomberg was re-elected (and won by more than 20 points)...and he neither played dirty, nor did he have Bush out stumping in the greatest city on earth. OK - Bloomberg spent a small fortune to buy win his re-election, and he did (at least previously) openly support the prez, but sometimes coincidences are more than just coincidences. In the words of Mr. Ollivander (HP ref for those of you not in the know), it is all "curious, very curious."

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