Monday, November 07, 2005

Politicians Are Dumb

Saturday night I was just relaxing on the couch, watching some TV, when a series of political ads for Doug Forrester came on and I had to wonder -- does anyone pay attention to which ads play when? Because if so, Doug Forrester is dumber than his biggest supporter (i.e. the prez). And if not, maybe he should. Here's why...the first ad was Forrester's wife telling us what a great man her husband is and how John Corzine is a big fat lying smear campaignist. I thought -- actually, said out loud to no one in particular --What the fuck? Your fucking husband started the smear campaign business -- what was Corzine supposed to do? Sit back and take it? At this point, my sister & her finace (visiting from VA -- where I hear they're having one hell of a smear campaign as well) looked at me like I'd lost my mind. I tried to explain how Forrester started the mud slinging a few days before, with an ad quoting Corzine's ex-wife, how the race had been pretty clean so far, and how Forrester had previously promised not to use the quote, but something was lost in translation. But then, un-fucking-belivably - Forrester's ex-Corzine-wife smear ad was the very next ad on. That's right - the very next ad! First, we got to hear about how Corzine is a son-of-a-bitch for smearing Forrester; and then, in the very next ad, we got to see Forrester's ad making a personal attack on Corzine that started the whole mess. Uh - duh - hullo? Anyone in the Forrester campaign paying attention out there? I may not be the most politically savvy chick out there, but even I know you do not follow up a "My husband is a great guy and the other guy is is playing dirty" ad with an ad in which the supposedly wonderful husband is playing dirty. That's just common sense. Then again, as pointed out by DH -- if the best person you can get to say you're a good guy is your wife, and the best person you can get to say the other guy is a dick is his ex-wife, then perhaps you've got bigger problems than an inability to pay attention to which of your ads are running when.

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