Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yada, yada, yada

Just a few thoughts before I force myself to do some more work...

* Can spilled coffee kill a cell phone? I've left the sucker outside, overnight, in Hawaii, to be found in a puddle of morning dew the next day and it started working again. I dropped it in a sink full of water, and it started working again. But now, a few drops of coffee and its behaving like an alien. I've received multiple blank text messages, and am starting to get a little worried. Is it the caffeine? The Splenda? Would it have made a difference if it was Starbucks as opposed to homemade?

* Speaking of Starbucks, it has come to my attention that my sister passes by at least three Starbucks on her way to work. Now, for City folks, that doesn't sound too bad. After all, in Manhattan there's practically a Starbucks on every corner (that or a Duane Reade), but my sister doesn't live in the City, or even in the North. She lives in the middle of nowhere Virginia (to be fair, its only kinda in the middle of nowhere -- she's close to Charlottesville but goes the opposite direction to go to work). What ever happened to cute, independent coffee shops. I used to live above one (remember that place D-bud?) and it was nice to go someplace that wasn't a cookie cutter image of another. Ah well, progress...

* "TGIT" -- my firm's answer to Happy Hour is starting. What is TGIT, you ask? It's "Thank God Its Thursday" or more affectionately known as, "have a drink and some appetizers cause you know your ass is staying late tonight so you can leave at a decent hour tomorrow." Can't really complain - lord knows my last place of employment didn't have anything like this. They wanted you to work like a slave without a free beer once a week. At least the new place has its priorities straight. Free drinks make happy employees. It's a great philosophy.

* Speaking of free drinks, and my previous place of employ, last night I was out with a couple of folks I used to work with and a bartender at a Manhattan bar actually bought me a drink. I nearly fell off my stool. I guess miracles can happen.

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