Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Viva La Revolution

It is time for the neo-cons to go. 'Cause if one more person tells me I'm not patriotic, or worse, a Nazi-appeaser, because I don't support the war in Iraq (which I don't care what anyone says has nothing to do with the "war on terror"), I might actually have to beat somebody down. And I don't want to go to jail.

It's time for the pansy-ass Dems who've sat back and done nothing to go. 'Cause I'm sick and tired of the rhetoric -- the oh, now that Bush has proven to be a big fat liar and people are starting to get hip to his bullshit you don't support his agenda. Funny, you supported his agenda a few years back. Where's the fucking apology, the oh shit, sorry, I was wrong? (Can you say Hillary?).

It's time for every average American who is dissatisfied with the way things are going in this country to stand up and do something. What should we do? Fuck if I know -- but there must be something. And it starts by getting up out of our easy chairs, turning off the TV (horror) and actually thinking about things instead of just following blindly. I have way too many friends and acquaintances (both Republicans & Democrats; Conservative & Liberal) who don't have a single independent thought in their head. They believe as they do because that's what the party tells them to believe. And that, my friends, is a serious fucking problem.

They say if you don't have a solution you're just part of the problem. Well, I don't have a solution, but at least I'm thinking for myself. Maybe that is the solution? At the very least, we have to re-balance the federal government -- this one party in all three branches is bullshit. So unseat the majority party. Hell, better yet, fuck both parties and start another one; or two; or ten. Because this two-party system (1) was never intended by our founders, and (2) isn't fucking working. Doesn't matter if it's Republican or Democrat, if a single party takes control of everything, you're going to have problems. It's simple, too much power breeds corruption, regardless of which way you lean.

So let's start a revolution people -- I don't mean a guns-blazing, coup-d'etat kind of revolution, I mean a revolution of thought. Starting now, let's actually think about who we are voting for instead of just towing the party line (or maybe we just need to start with actually voting - cause seriously, the voter turn-out in this country is pathetic). Let's forget about labels like GOP, or Liberal, and really test a wanna-be politician on the issues. Let's stop believing everything we are told. Let's stop allowing politicians to say one thing and do another. Let's do something about incumbency. Let's do something about the only-the-rich-can-run problem we have. Let's see if we can't find a way out of the mess we are currently in. Let's remind our government that they have power for the sole reason that we give it to them, and that if they don't do better by us, we will take it away and give it to someone else (Can you say Ned Lamont? I see Connecticut is thinking!).

Too simplistic? Maybe. But at least its a thought.


Joe said...

This Country has becacome Politically retarded and free thought challenged. Everybody Talks bad about bush, and speaks out to their friends around the water cooler about his bogus Policies, But they dont Actually Do SHIT. Its time people started to actually say "Hmm... Politics do affect me directly, and if I dont do something soon, Ill be facing a second vietnam war era"
We need some serious change, and we need it fast. We need for people to relize that all this ignoring of the world around them will circle like bad karma, and Fuck them over in the long run.
This brings hope though, At least some americans know what needs to be done. Its a small step, but a very important none the less.

irishis said...

I agree with you. What I dont get, what blows my mind to no end ........... is the massive denial. Thats what I think it's about. I just don't get no matter what you are told, or want to believe ...... how do you trust that man? How do people actually believe what comes out of the moron's mouth when he is either putting Democrats down, or insulting all of Americans intelligence as a whole. This from the same man who's "war on terror" with the same people he wanted to hand to ports over to? Come again? So no one got that?? Why not give the terrorists the key to every city in America, keys to our homes, our cars, our social security numbers; our bank accounts?? Talk about handing over power and control!! Hello!!!
What about the gas expenses? Okay well there is a new fuel made from corn and Bush wont give any funding!!! So lets continue to be dependant and make the terrorists rich?
I agree whit what you say about being an independent thinker. BUT I also feel people need to LISTEN!!