Wednesday, September 27, 2006

Who's the bitch?

OK - so I'm a huge, huge, huge Project Runway fan. Makes me wish I could quit my job and take design classes! But lately, my reception for the show has sucked. And I almost lost it all together tonight for the "who goes to Fashion Week" show. The screen freezes, the sound goes wacky, or worse, silent, and sometimes the picture goes black. So who's the bitch? Comcast or Bravo? I'm thinking Bravo, since I don't have the problem on any other channel, but it may just as well be Comcast -- maybe it happens on other channels, just on channels I don't watch. Plus, I've heard that lots of folks have had all kinds of problems with Comcast. Or maybe it's all just a big conspiracy to deprive me of my favorite hour of TV. I suppose next I'll have problems with Fox once the new American Idol comes on (yes, I'm a fan of that show too -- sue me).

Of course, I'm generally a conspiracy theorist, and may just be a little nuts, but all I know is that I still have Bravo on, and now that my fave is over, the problems have gone bye-bye, so you tell me.

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