Saturday, June 06, 2009

So this is what exhausted feels like

Today is the 19th day in a row that I've had to work. And, even if I magically get next weekend off, I've got to work tomorrow and all week, so it will be 26 days in a row before I'm done. And the chances of actually getting off next weekend are basically slim to none, so add another weekend, plus the standard work week to the total, and I'm looking at 33 days without a fucking day off. I'm already at my limit -- and have no idea where the energy is going to come from to get through the next 14 days. No idea whatsoever.

This should be fucking illegal. No wonder lawyers are a bunch of suicide prone, alcoholic drug addicts.

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cheli said...

I can relate to the crazy work schedule. Your entire life is work, a couple hours of sleep, downing a sandwich at your desk, and taking a shit, if you can find the time. What usually happens is that you wear yourself down so much, you get really sick and have to take time off anyway. Just take lots of vitamins and drink water...that will help (a little). Remember, try and carve out some time for yourself. I mean, you could be dead tomorrow, and what did you spend your last hours doing? Working. Fuck that.