Thursday, July 07, 2005

Reality TV, Esq.

I should have known it would only be a matter of time until there was a lawyer-based reality TV show. It just better not suck. That would piss me off, because I may not be Perry Mason, but I definitely don't suck. And I could have used the $250,000 grand prize, too. How is that these peope found out about this show anyway? Do they just have more time on their hands than I do? If that's the case, then the show probably will suck.

Speaking of TV lawyers, Comedy Central says, perhaps only partly in jest, that they'll be hiring extra lawyers now that Carlos Mencia has his own show on that network. That might be kind of cool. I've always thought about going in-house some day. Comedy Central seems as good a place as any, maybe even better.

Anyway, I saw the first episode of Mind of Mencia last night and while I didn't think it was as funny as his stand-up, I still laughed my ass off. Especially at the end when he showed our Pres giving everyone the finger. Yes, that finger. I can't say whether the video Mencia showed was real or not, but it looked real to me, and, let's be honest, does anyone really think Bush is beyond that? I've been a fan of Mencia for some time - ever since seeing his stand up in which he proceeded to insult pretty much every single group out there - whites, blacks, hispanics, asians, gays, straights, men, women, you name it, he probably said somehting that would piss at least one person in that group off. His whole point was that political correctness is bullshit. I could not agree more. Better everyone speaks their mind so we know who the true racists are then let everyone use PC bullshit to hide their true thoughts.

I only have one more thing to say, and that is that my thoughts and prayers are with the people of London. Having nearly lost my brother on September 11 (a story for another day), I empathize with anyone who has been affected by this horrible tragedy and my heart goes out to the victims and their families.


TOS said...

I'm sticking with my opinion - the best reality show on televison (or is it the worst!) is "Being Bobby Brown" on Bravo... Whitney and Bobby may think crack is whack but that isn't stopping them from smoking it and making idiots of themselves...

durban bud said...

And, you stopped blogging why?

Anonymous said...

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