Friday, October 14, 2005

God Damn

Twice now I have spent entirely too much time drafting posts that were just freaking awesome only to have them disappear for no fucking reason. The first had to do with a string of bad luck I'd been having...and the glory of seeing Frist and Delay going down. The second -- which I just lost a moment ago, was an open letter to the religious right. And it was beautiful. Just spectacular, if I do say so myself. But I am out of time and so I cannot rewrite the whole damn thing - even assuming I could reproduce what I already did. SDo from here on out, I'm not going to draft my entries here. I'll draft them somewhere else and then copy them -- because when I can't use Ctrl-Z to undue whatever I did that erased the entire entry, I get pissed. And that's no way to start a weekend. Especially a weekend I don't have to work.

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Ilene said...

One of my blogger friends helped me solve this problem when I lost some blogs - write it in Word, then save and then copy it to your blog site. Saves a lot of wear and tear on your nerves. Love your site by the way - hope you can retrieve what you wrote it sounds wonderful.