Thursday, October 27, 2005

Cause for Joy or Further Worry?

Harriet Miers withdraws her name as a Supreme Court nominee. Hoorah!
But wait -- what does this mean? What's the lunatic (for those who are new here, I mean Bush) going to do next? Try to appease his uber-religious-right/neo-con base? (You know the ones -- the ones who all of a sudden don't think perjury is a real crime...even though it was real enough to impeach Clinton). Or will Bush do the smart thing and pick a moderate that will make his whole party happy? Never mind - I just answered my own question -- Bush and smart just don't mix. Which means all us moderates out there (yes, I'm a moderate, fiscally anyway) are going to have to band together to keep the lunatic from ruining our country with an uber-conservative pick for the next justice. Really, if Bush or whoever it is that is advising him these days (I imagine that Rove and the VP have their minds on other things...can you say indictments) really want to help this country (yeah right) they should just ask Sandra Day stay for the season, so to speak, and worry about a replacement after the Court's fall session is over. I somehow doubt that will happen, but one can always hope. Besides, if the fucking idiot Bush picks a uber-conservative court nominee, he may very well piss off enough Republicans that he'll end up getting himself impeached. Wouldn't that be fun?
And one more thing -- I can't help but think that this whole "withdrawal" is nothing but another smoke screen meant to distract the American people from more important news. Can you say indictments? Not that this is much of a smoke screen -- it's kind of pathetic actually. But they're still trying. Isn't that cute?

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