Tuesday, October 11, 2005


OK - so this other lawyer was supposed to serve us with papers today in response to papers we served him weeks ago. And then we were supposed to respond back by Monday. I planned my whole week & all of next week around this stupid thing. I have plans for dinner with a friend I haven't seen in ages; plans to participate in this really awesone pro bono program; plans. I actually made plans. What the hell was I thinking? So here we are - 30 minutes before the court closes & the guy actually calls to ask for an extension. Um - hello - what if we say no -- does he have the papers ready to go? And if he has them ready -- why does he need more time? And why the fuck didn't he ask us yesterday? Could it be he was enjoying a federal holiday while suckers like me worked our butts off? Of course I'm still just a lowly junior associate so I have no control and don't get to make the decision....I just have to track down the partner (in court!) and the client (who doesn't seem to want to return my calls) and then let this other guy know what we think. Oh - and - the other (junior) partner on the case (who is leaving the firm!) doesn't seem to think that any of this is a big deal. But what the fuck does she care - she's leaving. All she has to do is cash out her partnership shares and give away her work (to suckers like me). But I get to sit around and wait - wait for the senior partner to call me back, wait for the client to call me back, wait and see if all my plans for next week are about to go south. DAMMIT! If it was up to me, this asshole would be SOL -- none of this last minute bullshit. If he wanted extra time, he should have asked in advance . If it were up to me, I'd tell him to take a long walk off a short pier because fuck that -- I am not giving up my whole week becaue this guy is a slacker. But its not up to me. Welcome to my life.


Anonymous said...

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TOS said...

Oh dear - you are absolutely right, I know some short piers and a bunch of big mean-looking guys to prod assholes like that towards the edge - send a smoke signal or a flare up when you're ready for them. until then maybe you should fake pink-eye (super contagious!) and "work from home" - I have the sneaking suspicion that you prolly can't call in sick outright and take a mental health day but maybe working at home would be mildly better until this jerk decides to do his job...