Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Are The Wonder Years Back Too?

I believe a need a vacation. Granted I took one not that long ago, but here we are only 11 days into the new year and I find myself unable to concentrate or focus. Instead, I'm wandering about the internet, stopping at such exciting sites as CNN's Entertainment section where I learned utterly useless (and not particularly surprising) news such as Courtney Love lost a house to foreclosure, and Britney Spears topped Blackwell's Worst Dressed List (he actually called her an 'over-the-hill Lolita'!)

Of course I also got to learn that Fred Savage, the cutie-patootie from The Wonder Years has landed himself another acting job. This time, instead of playing a sweet little boy vying for the love of Winnie, "Savage portrays Mitch, the gay prodigal son, who returns home from a failed Hollywood career" in the new ABC sit-com Crumbs.

I gotta say -- he's still pretty handsome; he's definitely aged better than some other child prodigies... for example, the kid from Home Improvement was definitely a cuter kid than he is an adult, Bobby Brady is a little scary looking now, and even Britney's starting to look trashy and over the hill (see above).

Anyway -- my original question still stands. Since Fred Savage is back, does that mean the Wonder Years will come back too? Because I really did love that show. And it would definitely beat the crap that's been on lately (except of course for Project Runway). Not that I should really care -- I did, only a few days ago, resolve to watch less TV. Then again, I knew that would be tough. Besides, I don't think playing into the hand of nostalgia by watching re-runs of shows you were watching when you still lived at home count. Besides, that show was freaking awesome -- and yet they don't play the re-runs so I couldn't TiVo it even if I had TiVo, and you can't buy it on DVD (at least not the full run, unless you buy a totally bullshit/bootleg copy off the internet made at home by some dude who somehow managed to get his hands of tapes of all the shows). But maybe, just maybe, if this new Fred Savage show takes off (and given the way "gay TV" has been doing lately it may very well be a hit), the powers that be will recognize that if they're going to play re-runs of Home Improvement, they should also play the Wonder Years. At the very least, they should allow me to buy the damn re-runs on DVD from a respectable source, like oh I don't know the fucking network that showed it to begin with?

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