Thursday, January 19, 2006

DoNotCall This.

From New Jersey Lawyer Daily Briefing (email newsletter) 1/19/06:

Now that you’re smugly reassured your dinner won’t be interrupted by unsolicited sales calls, are you ready to get them on your cell phone? Yes, your cell phone. That’s about to happen at the beginning of February, unless you get in touch with the Do Not Call registry again. And to make matters worse, you can be charged for those incoming calls. Call the registry at 888-382-1222 accessed or log on to 1-18-06

I'm sorry but that's bullshit. Do not call list or not - cell phone numbers should not be public; only people I give the number to should be allowed to call me since I have to pay for the minutes whether I want to or not. If they want to make cell phone numbers public, then incoming calls should not count against minutes. It's that fucking simple. If you want to be able to call me on my cell, and I did not personally give you the number, then you should pay for the fucking call, not me. Bullshit, I say, bullshit. Even if I register at the fucking donotcall site, the rules don't apply to everyone. All my numbers, cell phones included, are registered, and yet I still get calls. From "non-profits" that are exempt from the do not call laws. Of course, someone trying to sell me some crap, and someone trying to make me give money to a charity I've never heard of are equally annoying and disruptive in my book. Plus - now these fucking charities are going to be allowed to call my cell phone? And I have to pay for the call? That pisses me off. And I was having such a nice day so far, which was a good thing because I'm here until 9PM tonight (which means I also will miss my favorite yoga class). Now its not even 11AM, I have 10 more hours of work to go, and I'm in a bad mood. Ain't life grand. I'm thinking that maybe if I get any of these damn calls, I will send bills to the callers for the minutes expended by them. They probably won't pay, but maybe they won't call back either. All I know is sonething has to be done because the way things are now is complete, and utter bullshit.

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