Friday, January 16, 2009


In the last week and a half, three of my "friends" have canceled plans we had made - plans that had been made weeks and weeks before. And not just canceled, but canceled at the last minute. Like the fucking day of last minute. Three different people on three different nights, the last of which just happened. And I am so fucking pissed off. I mean really, what the fuck? Is it just me or is that just fucking rude as hell. And no, there weren't particularly good reasons for the cancellations - in fact, the reasons sucked and have actually made it worse. One girl decided she needed to go to the gym instead. One claimed to be sick (and I later found out she wasn't really all that sick since she went out the next night with someone else) and the third said, wait for it, that her contacts are bothering her. That's right -- she cannot go out in 3 hours because her fucking contacts are bothering her now. Or rather, she can't come hang out at my fucking house because she's had her contacts in for too long. What, she can't put her fucking glasses on? Really? Well fuck her. I mean, COME ON. At least lie to me and say it's too fucking cold and you don't want to leave the house. As for the others, fuck them too.

I left the south, and my family, to move back north to be closer to my friends. But with friends like this... Maybe I should have just stayed where I was.


Michelle said...

Oh, Cris...your true friends love you no matter what. Like me!! Sometimes people just get selfish and forget that the world doesn't revolve around them. Don't lose heart...they will remember that they are NOT the center of the universe. They will think about what a wonderful person you are and how much they love you!

~K said...

Wow your friends suck! Michelle is too nice I say put up Erotic ads on Craigslist with their phone numbers
with lines like this:

Hi my name is Cherrie Pop and I like pretend you are my lollipop. How many licks will it take me to get to your creamy center.

and just let the calls roll in