Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Another reason (or two or three) to love Tuesdays

Tonight was the Celiac Chicks fundraiser for the Celiac Disease Center at Columbia University: An Evening with the Paul Taylor Dance Company. And of course I had to go....how could I not? It combined my 2 favorite things: food I can eat and dance. And Oh. My. Fucking. God. The food! Unless you have some serious food issues, you have no idea what its like to be free to eat anything you want from a WHOLE BUFFET. Usually, I can pick a few things, at best. But tonight. OH. It was...I don't even have words.

But even the spread (and the goody bags!) was second fiddle to the show. The company did 3 pieces, closing with Syzygy, and oh how I wish I could find a video link for that piece because there is no way I can properly describe it. I don't know what exactly it was about it, and I'm am 100% sure that other people didn't get from it what I did, but it may be one of the very best pieces of choreography I've seen in all my life. In the coat check line, for example, some dude actually compared it to Elaine dancing on Seinfeld and if he had not immediately followed that comment with "But I don't know dance so what do I know" he definitely woulda got a piece of my mind. Although at the same time I kinda see his point because the piece was haphazard and almost frenetic. But at the same time it was also controlled and organized and well, simply amazing to watch. So....he was spared.

And then, not only did I get to pig out at a buffet without worrying about throwing up 2 hours later, and then, full from super tasty food and a lovely Pinot Grigio, see some amazing dance performances, I also came home to the DVR. Where for once, an Idol contestant took on Stevie and did not disappoint. Srsly. If that chick recorded that song tomorrow, I would download it. I'd even be willing to pay the extra 30 c. that iTunes charges for "hit" songs.

But wait...there's more.... What? you ask, could top yummy food, beautiful dance, and a sweet new version of Rhiannon? One word. MamaSox. Oh yeah...my new fave singer chick rocked another one.

It was a good night.

And, hold up a minute -- turns out I CAN buy the Stevie song for the low low price of a buck 29. Sweet. Or at least I will be able to in about 4 days. Which will be Saturday. I love Saturdays.

Tuesdays rock. I bet Elaine would agree.

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