Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Today in Bigoted Scumbags

You may have heard about Constance McMillan, the high school senior who was told not only that she could only have a boy as a date to prom but that she had to wear a dress too....she's been all over the telly and the interwebs, including a fan page on facebook. So you must have. But if you live under a rock or have been in a coma or something, here's a quick recap...

Backward-ass town in Mississippi (is that an oxymoron?) tells high school senior she cannot bring lesbian girlfriend as date to prom. Oh, and she can't wear a tux either. Dresses only you little bitch (I don't know they said that, I'm just assuming the bitch part). Cute little lesbian calls in the big guns (aka the ACLU) who demands the school change its policy. Shithole "agricultural" high school, instead of letting a girl wear pants, or god forbid, dance with a girl, cancels said prom. Lawsuit ensues. Yesterday, federal judge says students have a first amendment right to take whoever the hell they want and to wear whatever the hell they want to prom. And that canceling prom was a violation of McMillan's rights.

Now this is all good. Right? Right.

BUT, the judge did not order the school to actually hold a prom. The reasons for this depend on which article you read. But on this one I'll go with the ACLU's press release which says the judge isn't ordering the school to hold a prom because there is a "private" prom being held to which he "expects" Miss McMillan and her girlfriend will be invited.

This private prom, however, was set up by a bunch of fucktard redneck loser ass parents for the whole purpose of being allowed to exclude Miss McMillan, AND as of a few days ago, Miss McMillan was definitely NOT invited. And that just pisses me right the hell off.

OK, the shitty "private" event is going to be held at a furniture mart (yes, you read that correctly) so it will probably suck ass, and all LGBT and LGBT-friendly students in Mississippi are being thrown their own prom by the Mississippi Safe Schools Coalition, which prolly will be way better (um, hello, Green Day is sponsoring it! along with hottie-petottie Lance Bass), but still. The whole "lets have a prom and only straight people can come" makes me sick. And that so many people seem to have no problem with it whatsoever make me even sicker.

Well I for one hope the federal judge throws the fucking book at this homophobic little school system. And I hope the parents who arranged this willfully bigoted "private" prom all....well... I don't know exactly. I could up with a few choice words but I don't want to sound like a raving lunatic so I'll just say I hope they get whats comin' to 'em, whatever the hell that is. Fucking bigots.

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LSL said...

I can hardly get started on this without losing the next six hour of my life to ranting against this unbelievable bullshit, so I'll just say . . . I didn't know that Green Day was sponsoring it. They're so cool.

And all those fuckers will get what is coming to them.