Monday, August 22, 2005

Here we go again...

My bitchiness over (for this month at least)...I feel I can write again wthout scaring anyone :)


Goooo Giants!!!!!!! We went to our first home game on Saturday night and had a blast watching the G-man slam Carolina. Granted, it was only pre-season, but it is always fun watching the Giants win, even if it doesn't count for shit. Of course I spent all day Sunday with no voice, but that happens the day after every home game. And we go to them all!! At least last year we did - we didn't miss a single one, not even when it was cold or raining. We're like freaking mailmen when it comes to our boys (FYI -- we are lucky enough to have season tickets thanks to my awesome Uncle Joe who moved too far away to take advantage of his tickets). In fact, I actually passed up a day at the beach to go to Saturday's game -- when I got up on Saturday morning, it was so dreary and the weather man said it was gonna rain, (plus I had a bit of a hangover), so I figured, fuck it -- there are still a few more weekends left to hit the beach. And if not, well, I'll just have to take another vacation. I already am gonna miss the next home pre-season game (unless I want to buy an extra ticket: DH has a deal with a Jets fan friend of his and they always bring each other to the pre-season Giants-Jets game). Not that I'm against having the house to myself for the night -- that almost never happens. Plus, I'm not in full obsession-mode yet (that won't start for a few more weeks yet) but I still may buy a ticket.

Anywho - not a whole hell of a lot has happened since I last chimed in. Friends are getting divorced; other friends are getting married; amd still yet other friends are having kids. Same shit, different day. I did get some Maui pics printed - OMG they are so fan-fuckin-tastic, they look like postcards. Seriously. I can't wait to have them framed. Oh - and to post some here. I still have more to tell about my vacay to end all vacays. But that will have to wait for another day. After I've had time to transfer the pics to disc. Or something. Or whatever. I'll get to it eventually. Really. I promise.

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