Tuesday, August 16, 2005

I'm melting...

I think I may have lost about 10 pounds this weekend. I believe I actually sweat it all off. In a matter of hours. Indoors. And I was not at the gym.

Saturday night was the long awaited housewarming of a good friend and former colleague of mine. This poor guy had been through hell and back buying his top-floor-sweet-ass-apartment in NYC and after finally closing and moving and setttling in, he invited a bunch of folks over for a pre-clubbing houswarming event. Well warming is not exactly the word I would use. Housesweltering is more like it. It seems my friend had landed himself back in hell.

I know - it sounds kinda bitchy, but it was fucking hot. I mean like seriously uber hot. Who throws parties - in August - when the AC doesn't work and the windows don't open? Even Satan himself would have been like, What the hell is wrong with the AC up in here? It was actually hotter in his place than it was outside. And that's saying alot because Saturday in the City was about as nasty as it could get without people actually dropping dead in the street from heat exhaustion. And that may have actually happened - I can't be sure cause I don't watch the news.

In any case, we eventually learned that the reason it was so hot was because the little slats on the AC would not point in any direction except straight up so we took turns standing directly in front of the AC unit. Of course that meant that I spent Sunday with a miserable AC cold. But even with the heat, it was still a good party - mostly because apparently my friend can cook his ass off (which obviously did not help with the heat issue). There was tons of booze too but it was my turn to be the designated driver so that wasn't helping me any. And we didn't make it out after -- I was feeling a little ill from losing 50% of the water in my bod. Plus the Giants were playing - there is no clubbing when Big Blue is on.

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