Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Coke Zero and Saving Elmo

Bought a Coke Zero yesterday. Tried it today. Maybe you've heard the hype - its supposed to taste like real Coke. And I'll be damned if it doesn't! Or at least it comes real close -- I haven't done a blind taste test or anything...I don't have that kind of time.

Of course, the Coke company has been accused of some less than admirable trade practices (like assasination and racism), but what are ya gonna do, switch to Pepsi? Or worse, RC? Like that's ever gonna happen. Thanks, but I'll take my Coke and assuage my liberal guilt by giving money to public radio & PBS and by doing my part to save those fine establishments (and the cuddly characters on Sesame Street) from the chopping block. Lend a hand here.


durban bud said...

I've been drinking tons of the new Diet Coke with Splenda. I hear they are only testing it in limited places. Very odd because the convenience store next to us is the only place I can find it at in DC. AT first, I didn't really like it. Reminded me of Tab. Now I'm addicted.

stina said...

I've been drinking it too -- a friend of mine turned me on to it. I believe it may actually be liquid crack. I ventured to try this new coke because I've always been a sucker for that "real" coke taste.