Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Radically stupid...

Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid, D-Nev., was quoted as saying, "We've spent weeks and weeks debating radical judges, but we haven't spent a single day debating a health care plan, or a jobs plan, or an education plan that will help hardworking Americans. Radical judges don't deserve our attention." check it out

Radical judges don't deserve our attention? What the f*$# is that? These pyschos are appointed for life (and often supported by the Christian Coalition), but our democratically elected leaders shouldn't pay attention because they have other things to do? Have the dems gone completely mad? Are they totally spineless? Have these people never heard of overtime? Us "hardworking Americans" have to do it all the time when we have a lot to deal with at work. And we aren't guaranteed our salaries for life like Mr. Reid and his co-workers are. Besides, who does Reid think will be judging the validity of his imaginary health, education and jobs plans when they are challeneged? Uh...could it be the radical judges he & the rest of the pansy dems let through?

God I hate politics.

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