Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Winning is cool!

I paticipated in my first ever trial last night. Of course it was a "mock" trial, but still a trial nonetheless. You'd think after three years of practicing law I would have reached this milestone earlier, but alas such was not my fate (see my earlier post Overload).

In any case, I participated in my first trial (fake as it was). Going into it my partner and I were pretty nonchalant -- neither of us had too much time to spend on it, there were no real clients, there wasn't going to be any verdict (although we were "scored" on our presentation, and argument, etc.), plus we didn't want to do too good and end up having to go to the finals. That means even more work that we don't get any credit for. But...

We actually won! And now my long-dormant competitive drive is all revved up and I'm thinking, Hey, we could win this thing! Of course I haven't expressed this to my partner who I believe may still be on the let's finish 5th and skip the finals track. Whatever, fake as the thing was, and whether we get to the finals or not, winning is cool. Even if there isn't any prize.

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durban bud said...

Congrats, Stina!

I would like to start suing obnoxious, ignorant heterosexuals who make rude comments to me as I walk by holding my partner's hand. I think you might be able to help me with that. And win me a lot of money in the process. :-)