Wednesday, March 28, 2007

The Final Countdown

I need a vacation. Bad. And while I have a pretty big one planned to Jamaica in May, hubby & I decided we simply cannot wait that long. So today, despite the tenuous nature of my future employment (more on that later), we decided to shell out the bucks for a mini-trip to Florida starting on April 13. The costs are minimal -- all told, less than $500 for me & hubby together (OK - it is actually more than that but I'm not counting food or drinks cause I'd have to pay for that shit at home anyway -- we're not big eat at home people) -- and the benefits are major.

One -- Atavan ain't cheap so by de-stressing earlier than anticipated, I'm saving medicinal costs. Two -- tanning salons ain't cheap and since there was no way I was gonna go to Jamaica without some sort of base color, I'm saving those costs too. Three -- my boss thinks I'm going to interview out of state so he'll think I'm totally sought after and may actually give me the job I've asked for which would be just awesome, and will keep me from actually having to go interview other places. Thus, again, saving on medicinal costs.

Which brings me to the tenuous job situation -- which I've shared with very few folks cause I'd really prefer it not get out, but I figure, what the hell, most of the folks reading this don't know who the fuck I am anyway -- so here it goes...

It has come to the attention of the powers that be in my firm that I fucking hate my fucking job and therefore am nto really willing to work late or weekends or any of that crap. Actually, it came to their attention some time ago (well before I knew they knew) and they told me they knew a couple of months ago (to my complete and utter shock!).

Anyway -- needless to say, they are none to pleased with me and suggested that perhaps I would do better elsewhere. I wasn't exactly fired, more like lightly shoved towards the door. I, of course, will not go without a fight -- not for the job I have, obviously, but for the job I really want. Which is nothing like the job I have and which technically doesn't even exist at my firm, but should. Especially if they really want to compete with "BigLaw" like they say they do. The job is basically running the firm's pro bono (that's "free legal services" in english) program and all the big money maker firms have someone to do this for them. So I've suggested in a seriously formal written proposal that they create this new and fantastic job for me because doing so would be good for their bottom line. And for six weeks now they've contemplated.

Boss #1 says he loves the proposal and thinks I'd be great for the job (because he recognizes I'm totally brilliant and just bored) but he isn't sure the firm needs another "administrator." Boss #1 also said, though, that Boss #2 has the proposal now and is a big fan of having lots of administrators.

Allow me to translate:

Boss #1 is from the school of thought that the lawyers in the firm can do all the administrative bullshit on top of their actual legal jobs (because this supposedly saves the firm money and results in larger checks for the partners).

Boss #2 is from the firm school of thought that lawyers should do legal work and administrators should do administrative work (because this leaves lawyers free to bill more hours thereby increasing income and the size of the checks to the partners).

I'm on Boss #2's side, duh, but he hasn't said anything to me about my proposal yet. And I'm surely not going to force him to rush -- I am content for now to sort of float under the radar, keeping busy enough to not die of boredom (most days) but having enough time to work on my resume and apply elsewhere (just in case). Plus if they're gonna say no, I'd prefer they do that later than sooner because once they do, the pressure will be on to find something else. And that is scary. Because I've been looking. And the market is about as tight as ... well, its prolly better I don't go there. Besides, I'm trying to take like two vacations in the next 6 weeks, so duh -- I'm not exactly in the best position to be changing jobs.

In all seriousness though -- I really do want this new job. If When I get it, I will actually enjoy going to work each day. How many fucking people can say that?

For now, I'm taking the "no news is good news" approach, and, for luck's sake, have taped to the ceiling of my bedroom a sign that has my name followed by the title of the job I want. Someone who saw
The Secret told me about this technique, and even though I haven't seen The Secret and so am not in a place to judge its value, I figure it can't hurt. Plus, I have seen What the Bleep Do We Know? and want to believe in the power of positive thought -- so I'm thinking positive. But of course that little bitch Doubt is always hanging out in the back of the room trying to fuck shit up. So, to keep that bitch quiet, I'm going to Florida in April and Jamaica in May. How's that for positive-fucking-thinking?

So the countdown is on...
16 days until we leave for Florida
35 days until we leave for Jamaica
?? days until I start my new and fabulous dream job

As d-bud has said, put that in your positive pipe and smoke it.


LSL said...

(Your blog is my favorite color now.)

I think it's awesome that you're taking a pre-vacation vacation. I get teased all the time because of the number of vacations I take. They're just jealous.

And it's interesting to hear about your job. Please keep us posted!

Rolando Garza said...

Vacations come always as a nice way to recover from stress. I don't really need vacations much, since I'm not doing anything stressful right now. =)

Pro bono sounds like a good option, in order for the company to have a nice and positive image.

I'll keep in mind that bit about the 'positive pipe smoking', next time I try out smoking a shisha.