Monday, March 05, 2007

More on the "C" Word

On his blog yesterday, D-Bud asked why the word CUNT is so much more offensive than bitch, or even slut. While most readers agreed the word was highly offensive (myself not included), no one bothered to answer the question of why, other than to say CUNT is offensive because it is used in a hateful manner. As if bitch or slut were words of praise and kindness (although I suppose in some cases . . .). But seriously, that CUNT is used in a hateful manner doesn't explain why the first of the following two statements is so much more offensive to people than the second:

Get your hands off my husband before I rip your eyes out you fucking cunt.

Get your hands off my husband before I rip your eyes out you fucking bitch.

The feeling and emotion behind the two statements is identical. The purpose? Identical. Yet people can stomach the second statement far better than the first. At least in America. Why? The real reason has nothing to do with the way in which the word is used -- after all, used the right way, any word can be offensive. If it were only about meaning, people would only be offended when the word was used in an offensive manner, but that simply is not the case -- people are offended by it even if no insult is intended, as in "the cunt splice is very strong." Even the word standing alone, CUNT, with no reference as to its meaning or purpose, CUNT, is offensive to many. CUNT. Thus, "the 'c' word."

The real reason the word is so offensive in America (and I am hardly the first to come up with this one) is because despite the supposed sexual revolution of the 60s & 70s, this country is still sexually repressed and overly puritanical. And despite the ongoing feminist movement, which admittedly (and thanks be to the goddess) has made remarkable strides, this country is still hopelessly misogynistic. For example, in several southern states, it's illegal to sell dildos but not Hustler magazine. For all our supposed equality and freedom, we continue to play into centuries of sexist propaganda, despite the fact that we should fucking know better already.

Put another way . . . CUNT is reviled, in a way that bitch is not, because CUNT, goddess forbid, refers to a woman's sexual organs. For centuries, the female genitalia has been seen as dirty and shameful. Until relatively recently in our common history, menstruating women were forced to remove themselves from society. (OK - menstruation isn't neat or pretty but it is fucking natural dammit and lest we forget, absolutely required if the human race is to continue). Women have been blamed for everything from original sin to the downfall of an American president. In this country alone, women have been treated as property, burned at the stake and denied rights which, fucking excuse me, are supposed to be "inalienable." This country's continued derision toward women, and their vaginas, is evident in the repulsion people feel upon even hearing the word CUNT.

What's worse is that, in my experience, more women are repulsed by the word then are men. This smacks of self-hatred and in my opinion, plays right into the hands of those who would prefer that women, and their CUNTS, remain in their "proper place."

But enough cunt-talk for one day. This cunt, for one, has shit to do.


LSL said...

WOW. My god, what a post. I enjoyed the two example statements near the beginning. It somehow sounds like they came from a very naughty second grade English class.

Seriously, very interesting. The word is a bit much for me, but I'm always open to considering another view point, and you've presented a pretty compelling one here. I'd love to get together for a drink and talk about this a lot more. You sound like one smart c. . . . Nope, I can't do it.

Also, DILDOS are ILLEGAL in the south? Jesus, I've been wasting time sending care packages to troops in Iraq - I think it's time to organize a mass-mailing of vibrators to Alabama. Christ, I had no idea.

Thanks for this super-smart post. You are one smart c . . . .

Nope. Still can't.

durban bud said...

I love LSL! And, of course, you, stina.

rodger said...

I love that Wikipedia even sensored the cu(n)t splice. Come on folks...the splice is supposed to look like a cunt...hence the name. But I digress.

Good for you! Now I know where to send those bitches that get pissed at me for using the word.

sandy said...

awesome post, stina!