Friday, March 30, 2007

Silvia? Yes, Mickey...

Last night I was reminded that I previously agreed to go salsa dancing in the City to celebrate my friend's boyfriend's birthday. Tomorrow. It was his idea -- he's Mexican so latin dancing is in his blood (is that bad to say?). Problem is -- I don't really know how to salsa. I can partner dance, and I know the basic steps, but I'm starting to get a little worried. It's one thing to dance around the kitchen of my friend's house (that's right - I'm a kitchen dancer), it is quite another to do it out in public.

My only saving grace is that my friend (whose boyfriend chose this little adventure) knows even less about salsa than I do. She wouldn't even salsa in the kitchen so I was quite surprised she agreed to this outing. Especially since she is not generally one to do anything outside of her comfort zone. And can get a little cranky when she does. This could get ugly.

And of course I have nothing to wear. Last night, M. & S. decidedly agreed that strappy high heels and a swishy skirt are must haves (think Jennifer Aniston in the first salsa scene of Along Came Polly). Problem is I do not have a swishy skirt and the only strappy high heels I have are ridiculously painful -- they're more a wear-for-show-but-remove-before-dancing-shoe than an actual dancing shoe. And while I'll take my shoes off at a friend's wedding, I'm hardly about to go barefoot in a club in the city. That could be dangerous.

So to remedy the less than stellar situation I find myself in (going salsa dancing without appropriate attire when I don't even really know how to salsa), I'm going shopping after work for a swishy skirt and comfortable don't-want-to-kill-myself strappy high heels. And instead of doing actual work for the next hour or so, I'm going to take a
free online mini-salsa lesson.
And then I'm going to go home and paint (walls, not pictures). And pray.

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